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Jan 20, 2017

In this special 3rd episode of our second series of The Rights Track, sociologist and feminist, Monica Casper from the University of Arizona talks to Todd Landman about the implications for women’s rights of a Trump presidency and what that might that mean for human rights more broadly.


  • Todd outlines plans for women’s marches across America to protest against the inauguration of President Trump and invites Monica to reflect on the main issues of concern to women under a Trump presidency
  • Monica says there are national and local issues including in her own state of Arizona HB2120, legislation which she says would prohibit the teaching of social justice. She goes on to explain why she thinks the repealing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would be bad for women and children and her concern about the lack of any proposed replacement or discussion around it


  • The discussion moves onto the implications for women in the economy and at work and her fears that women of colour and single mothers might become even more vulnerable to workplace inequalities and more marginalised
  • Discussion around the challenges that might face people in trying to secure a minimum wage as well as healthcare, childcare.
  • Monica talks about her concerns that Trump’s election has led to a bubbling to the surface of racist and sexist behaviour and that anecdotally she is hearing a lot.
  • Monica talks about how all the above is playing out at the university where she works and the responses of her children including concerns among immigrant communities


  • Discussion of Trump’s inauguration, threatened boycotts and Monica’s belief that any celebration of the inauguration and ‘normalising’ of it is a problem


  • Discussion of the aims and ambitions of Saturday’s marches
  • Monica says as well as making a point about Trump’s presidency, there are broader points around civil rights such as freedom of speech, rights to protest etc. that she feels are threatened by the new administration
  • Todd talks about other historical examples of protest by women and other social movements and wonders if it will lead to a new wave of protests around other issues by other types of groups
  • Monica says local marches will have a local flavour
  • Discussion of the role of marches in Europe and whether they can achieve anything


  • Discussion of the role of journalism in reporting in more depth the issues around social movements
  • Monica says she hopes for more face to face conversations also so that people can learn from one another across communities and movements
  • Discussion of security and concerns about violence at the marches