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Sep 23, 2020

In this first of two special episodes of The Rights Track, Todd reflects on what has been learned about the advancement of human rights from our podcast since it was launched in 2015. 

Episodes featured

How is the church leading the fight to end modern slavery?  Rt Rev Alastair Redfern

Crunching numbers: modern slavery and statistics Sir Bernard Silverman

Eye in the sky: rooting out slavery from space Doreen Boyd

Hating the haters: tackling radical right groups in the United States Heidi Beirich

Picture this: using photography to make a case for environmental rights Garth Lenz

Refugees: why hard times need hard facts Gonzalo Vargas LLosa

In the minority: the right to identity, culture and heritage Clare Thomas

Evidence for change: the work of Human Rights Watch Iain Levine

Advancing human rights the Amnesty way Meghna Abraham

Islam and the West: questions of human rights Akbar Ahmed

Pursuing justice: what role for research evidence? Dixon Osburn

Women and Trump: a question of rights? Monica Casper

Gay rights - how far have we come? Richard Beaven

Does America need a Truth Commission? Karen Salt and Christopher Phelps

Human rights: reasons to be joyful William Simmionds

Making human rights our business Shareen Hertel

How can statistics advance human rights? Patrick Ball 

A matter of opinion: What do we really think about human rights? James Ron

Beyond GDP: a measure of economic and social rights Sakiko Fukuda-Parr

Modern day slavery: counting and accounting Kevin Bales

How do we count victims of torture? Will Moore

Do NGOs matter? Amanda Murdie

Are we better at human rights than we used to be? Chris Fariss