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Dec 1, 2017

In Episode 2 of Series 3 of The Rights Track we talk to Dr Alison Gardner, from the University of Nottingham who leads the Rights Lab’s ‘Slavery-Free Communities’ initiative. Through work with statutory, business and voluntary-sector partners, Alison’s research is developing policy and community-centred...

Nov 9, 2017

In Episode 1 of Series 3 of The Rights Track we talk to Professor Zoe Trodd, Director of the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham, which, through its programme of trans disciplinary research is seeking to help end slavery by 2030.


  • Discussion around the recent renewed interest in modern slavery including...

Nov 5, 2017

The Rights Track tackles some of the biggest human rights challenges facing us today. Find out more about who we are and what we do in their short video. And please share with anyone you think might be interested.

Sound evidence to end slavery

Oct 18, 2017

There are 40.3 million people enslaved around the world today, a shocking figure that, in recent times, has given birth to a renewed global commitment to end modern slavery.

Ending slavery by 2030 is now a key objective for the United Nations, which, by making it one of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 8.7), has...

Oct 5, 2017

In Episode 12 of Series 2 of The Rights Track we talk radical right groups in the United States with Heidi Beirich, Intelligence Project Director for the Southern Poverty Law Center.


  • Heidi starts by explaining the work of the SPLC since its formation in the 1970s when it tried to make the Civil Rights Act...